Please refer to the description and picture. We try our best to provide accurate descriptions. However, please understand that each plant is different, and they are live organisms. Their sizes will change between the time those pictures were taken, and it arrives at your door. Please keep that in mind before you purchase.


Basic Succulent Care Instructions
1. Place them on top of the soil as soon as possible.
2. Water the soil thoroughly. The moisture will encourage new root growth.
3. Place the succulent at a spot where it is bright but avoid direct sun.
4. Water again when the soil is COMPLETELY dry.
5. After the succulent develops a good root system, gradually shift it to full sun.
Note: We do not recommend water therapy or air rooting.


1. Light: There is no maximum amount of light the plant can take. A well-rooted plant can be under as much sun as possible when the temperature is lower than 85°F.
2. Temperature: 41°F-85°F, we recommend providing some shade or putting the plant under a shade cloth when the temperature excesses 85°F.
3. Soil: Use well-draining soil. We use a mix of pumice and bark. Other substrates, such as perlite, vermiculite, lava rocks, can be used too.
4. Air: Good air circulation is important. It allows the soil to dry faster and prevent fungus/bacterial infection.


We always try our best to wrap them securely and safely, however, post office handling is out of our control. And some of the succulents are particularly delicate. Please understand that some leaves will fall off during transportation, and we are doing as best as we can to minimize that.
We currently don't offer gift wrapping, because we aren't handy in that way. Sorry guys, maybe after 8472 times of that youtube video on how to wrap a gift.


We randomly pick one plant for photo taking. And like us, they are different from each other. As seasons change, they change color too. We will update photos if they changed drastically, in order to provide the most accurate representation of that variety.
Please keep in mind that these are living little things, they react and respond to the environment. It is difficult to predict how they will look like under a new environment, with so many different factors.
Please also note that while we have tried to accurately display the colors of products, the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate.


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